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Young Adult League (Y.A.L.)

The Young Adult Ministry Prayer

Lord, as we struggle for meaning and purpose in life, guide us with Your helping hand.  Teach us to be aware of God’s abiding love, and stir our concern for our fellow man.  We commit to You our lives in the spirit of dedication and obedience so that we may e spiritually renewed through the teaching of our Faith and the guidance of the Greek Orthodox Church.  For you are the God that loves mankind and to you we ascribe glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen

It is the purpose of the Annunciation Cathedral’s Greek Orthodox Young Adult League (YAL) Ministry to lead all persons to the fullness of the Faith and Likeness of God, through the example of it’s patron saint, St. Stephen the Protomartyr.YAL

Consequently, young adults must be integrated into the active life of the Orthodox Church on all levels; Parish, Diocesan, and Archdiocesan; dedicated to serving the Church, it’s missions and ministries.

Our YAL creates a setting where Young Adults grow spiritually through experiencing and living the four characteristics which symbolize our faith. Namely, Worship (Liturgia), Witness (Martyria), Service (Diakonia), and Fellowship (Koinonia). Using these four characteristics, we will live a balanced Orthodox Christian life, growing in His likeness.

Contact Person(s): Aliki Pantas
Phone: (757) 440-0500