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Hellenic Woman’s Club

As members of the Hellenic Women’s Club, we support philanthropic, scholastic and charitable objectives, purposesHellenic Woman's Club and obligations of our community. Giving assistance to the poor, sick, widowed, and orphans of families of Greek-American decent of both sexes, and if possible, of other nationalities of Greek Orthodox Faith. We establish scholarships, prizes, and awards for needy and meritorious students of Greek birth, or Greek decent, or Greek Orthodox faith. Voluntarily, we offer assistance and support to the Church and its schools.

Our Organization at Pascha “Easter” dyes the Red Pascha eggs for the Church. We hold two bake sales one in the springtime and one during the Christmas Holiday, with proceeds supporting the Building Fund and Community-Related Projects.

Our Feast Day, Tis Zoodochos Peghi, ” The Feast of the Life-Giving Font”, falls on the Friday after Easter and celebrated by our members at the Cathedral and the giving of the Artoklasia, “the Blessing of the Five Loaves, for that day’s service.

We are now accepting applications for the 2021 Hellenic Woman’s Club scholarships!

Click here for a 2021 HWC Scholarship Application – Scholarship applications will now be accepted electronically as well as paper. Please follow these instructions: Create a word file titled “Your last name & first initial”. Next, using the HWC  application, complete the personal information, attach all documentation, save and send to Dr. O’Hearn at by April 2nd.

Contact Person(s): Elizabeth Woods & Heather Karangelen, Co-Presidents

Phone: (757) 440-0500