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Cultural Committee

The Annunciation Cathedral Cultural Committee works to identify, research, propose, produce and evaluate programs appropriate to the educational, social, and recreational concerns of our Hellenic community.

We believe that there is a continuity of the Greek language, literature, and arts from antiquity to the present, and that the values of ARETE (a striving for excellence); SOPHIA (the wisdom of Greek culture); and TECHNE (the expression of one’s aesthetic sensibility); are cornerstones of Greek culture.

All the programs and events of our committee are designed to reflect these values. They also reveal the strong presence of Greek culture in Western civilization.

One of the events that we participate in and are most proud of is the annual Norfolk N.A.T.O. Festival.

The mission of the Cultural Committee Book Club is to promote interest, discussion and fellowship through the reading of books which are culturally relevant to the Hellenic community or which are of special interest to our participants. The Book Club is open to the public and does not require membership.


Contact Person: Jane Williams
Phone: (757) 440-0500