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Snacks for Children

Parents often bring snacks and a cup of fruit juice along for children during church. And for young children (0-3 years old), this is fine. But by the time children are 4-5 years old, they should be able to make it through Liturgy without eating anything, and by the time they reach seven, the age of their first confession, they should begin fasting on Sunday morning for Communion or at least make an attempt at fasting by cutting back on the amount of breakfast and eating “fasting” type foods – talk to your priest about this. For those children who get snacks, please don’t feed them while in the line of Holy Communion, this applies to holy bread as well. They need to come to Communion without food in their mouths. And one last note: try to keep the snack mess down to a minimum. The floor shouldn’t be covered with Cheerios. Chewing gum during Liturgy is a no-no for everyone.