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Annunciation Dancers

Annunciation DancersThe glue that bonds our community has long been our Hellenic Culture. In addition, Folk Dancing has been a unifying part of our culture. Our Cathedral’s dance troupes bring together our children ranging from 3 through 18 years of age.

Since its inception, our young have dedicated themselves to the perpetuation and sharing of their rich cultural heritage with many Hampton Roads audiences.  Annunciation DancersThe Dancers have researched and amassed a repertoire of over 300 dances, songs and traditions from virtually every part of the Hellenic World.  Aside from our Cathedral’s Hellenic Festival, our dancers have performed by special invitation at the NATO Azalea Festival, and at various school, cultural, civic, and social events.  Our children have also brightened the day for many at some of Norfolk’s senior homes.

Hellenic Dancers:
Annunciation DancersGrades:  9th-12th
Contact Person:  Aliki Pantas
Phone:  (757) 440-0500
Zoe Dancers:
Grades:  3rd-5th and 6th-8th
Contact Person:  AnnaMaria Stepanovich
Phone:  (757) 440-0500
Agape Dancers:
Grades:  Pre-K – 2nd
Contact Person:  Anna Manning
Phone: (757) 440-0500