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Parish Council

It is often thought that a parish council is responsible for the “material” operation of the church, leaving the “spiritual” ministry for the Priests. This statement is only partially true; part of their role is certainly to ensure that physical needs are provided for, by managing funds, facilities, etc. But this task is not separate from the spiritual ministry in the Church.

The parish council should not be seen as a governing body or business committee; rather, as a group of spiritually rooted individuals who assist the priest in building up the Body of Christ.

Council members therefore must be spiritually active in the parish, as well as exemplary in Church attendance, sacramental life, Christian living, and stewardship.

The council members are advisors to the Presiding Priest, Rev. Fr. George Bessinas. By use of their God-given gifts, they help enable the Presiding Priest to direct parish in the most spiritually enriching and truly Orthodox manner.

Our Council consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds sharing a vision of the harmony and growth for our parish family life and the strengthening of Orthodoxy in our metropolitan community.